Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mantalip Reef!

Hello! Another adventure story to tell. I am literally stuck here at home but I was at a swimming pool earlier. I had a lot of fun because i was with my bestfraaands! Okay, I just want to tell that I love my bestfriends, I mean who doesn't love their bestfriends. Wait, is that even called a bestfriend then? Okay, I have to stop. I am here to tell what my experience on Mantalip Reef was.

Mantalip Reef can be found at Bindoy, Negros Oriental, Philippines. Actually, we were at Ayungon but we rode a 'bangka' to get there. Bangka is a Filipino translation for what we call 'boat' here in the Philippines. We were like 5-8 people on one boat. The ride was more than 30 minutes but less than 1 hour, it was because the trip was pretty long. 
We had our relatives with us and they occupied 2 boats. 

As we got there, the view was really lovely. Imagine seeing the clear blue water of the sea with mixed shades of green!! It was my first time seeing a nice view of the sea because we haven't really done that before, that is why. The Mantalip Reef has a house standing on the water. Don't worry, the house is cemented on the ground so it's really nice! You can also rent a room in there but we didn't because we no longer had time to stay there plus there's a lot of things to do back at the house.

My relatives and other family members went swimming. Yes, at the sea! I didn't went down there. It was because when my skin gets touched by sea water, it gets very itchy plus red spots will start to cover my whole skin. I know, I have such irritated and sensitive skin and I hate it. Well, I guess I can't do anything about it. 

Anyways enough with that, there were different kinds of fish that you will see. The fishes were different from size to color, just wow. You can see the corals and sea weeds which were so beautiful. Oh, I almost forgot, there were jellyfishes! The best time to swim is when the sea goes low tide and the crabs will start to come out and climb on the down part of the stairs. More fishes will come out, we enjoyed looking at them!

Are you searching for some starfish? Of course, the reef has it. Try to notice the sea, there were blue things sparkling. We tried to ask for help to get one and there we saw it. It was a starfish!! It was so cute but smells fishy. It was really blue and they were many. Just a reminder: You can get them and throw them back to the sea but don't take them home. It's not allowed. 

This pretty much sums up my experience there in Mantalip Reef! Anyways, if you're going to visit the Philippines. Mantalip Reef should be on your bucket list. It is just one of the must-go-to places. Of course, I will be sharing photos! Again, I used my tab's camera for this. You will see me at the last photo lol. Hope you enjoyed reading another blog post from me. Keep on reading! I'll appreciate it! Goodbye for now :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Trip to Ayungon, Negros Oriental, PH

This girl is totally back in the blogger community!! So, this summer I went travelling a lot with my family. Every two years, it's normal for us to stay in our province. My main province is in Iloilo, Philippines (of course) but my father told me, we have another province. It's a nice experience because we get to see our relatives again including my grandmother, aunt, my aunt's son and uncle. We also visited our other relatives, they are too many to mention :-). 

May 12, 2015 - 30-45 minutes of car ride to the sea port (should I call it 'sea port' or not?), 1-hour ride in a ferry boat, and a 2-hour bus ride. It's creepy that I still remember those things. It was my first time to have a very long trip like that but after all, our destination which was Ayungon, Negros Oriental didn't made us disappointed.

We spent our 8 days in Ayungon to be exact. We stayed in my father's relatives and I thank them for welcoming us. The people there are nice and I have observed that their lives were simple. They wake up early and as for me who is a Manila girl, it's not normal for me. I wake up and look at the time,  it's almost 10:30. My earliest is 9 am on a normal summer day but here nope we wake up at 6:30, I guess or sometimes 7 in the morning.

The house we stayed in is exactly in front of the seashore, they/we call it 'baybay' here. It's a nice feeling to wake up that early and go outside to sit on those small rocks. Then, remove those slippers to feel the warm sand while holding a hot glass of chocolate milk. After that, you can just stare at the calm and true blue sea. Feeling the air covering the whole place with quietness which resembles peace.

I think I'm really going to miss that place so much! You should try to visit different islands and places here in the Philippines. It's just that, despite of all the bad things you see in different places, there will always be this 'something' hiding in those places that you, yourself, have to find out. That's what I realized after this trip. 

The next pictures are the pictures I, myself took. I chose a few out of the hundred (just joking) pictures I took so, here it is! I took these pictures during the 2-hour bus ride we had. We were going up the mountains and the view was so priceless! Aaand yes, Ayungon is in the top of the mountains, I think so because the bus was non-stop moving in circular motion through the mountains as I have seen during the bus ride. I felt dizzy actually, good thing, we have mint candies ready in our bags. Picture perfect memories, is it.  Take a look on this beautiful place.

**Also, I used my tab's camera so sorry if the case was covering the pictures. I haven't bought a fixed case for it so.. i hate it.

The next pictures were taken at the 'baybay' or seashore in English translation. As I said earlier, it's in front of the house we stayed in. :-)

Yes, those are real mangroves :-) Say hello to my brothuuur lol.

These are the most delicious ice cream I've ever tasted.

Say hello to my papa, I call my father 'papa' so...

Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate your effort! Please follow me or comment if you like this blog post, it would mean sooo much to me! To my next adventure stories, here's Erickah saying goodbye for now. Can't wait to share more things to you! x

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Playlist~

I just wanna share to all of you my summer playlist. I love music and summer so why can't I have my playlist, right? Anyways, this is to add more fun to your summer vacation. You can listen to these songs while you're on a road trip with family or friends. I'm sure even them would like these songs! Here they are!

1) Want To Want Me by Jason Derulo

2) Painkillers by Jason Derulo ft. Meghan Trainor (*Loving this song atm*)

3) Pretty Girls by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea 

4) New Romantics by Taylor Swift
(I can't find a nice audio version so..)

5) Summer by Calvin Harris

6) Fire & Gold by Bea Miller

It's pretty short but this sums up all of my favorite songs at the moment that when I hear them I feel 'summer time' is still on. Bye for now! :-D


I'm finally back. New blog, new content. This new blog of mine would be better than the 'Inspiration is my Dedication' blog. I just think I needed a new one because I found it hard to edit that blog so I decided to make a new one. 

Well, now that I'm older, looking back to my past blog posts, I thought they looked nice but this new blog is really different. I'm planning to have a more decent? Maybe that's the word. 

Memories are meant to be shared for me that's why I'm here to do that. I swear, I had the best summer ever. I couldn't wait to share what happened this summer. Now that summer is going to end soon here in my country, I don't think it's too late to share my story. 

In the US, summer has already started, am I right? Well, that's good for you guys. Summer is my favorite season. Although, you would feel exhausted because of the extreme heat but it's a fun ride on the other side. 

You get to go to the beach. Learn new things. Ready to beat the summer heat. You get to do anything you want!!

I'm happy that I'm back. Oh yes, I'm baaaack! I'm so happy! I just love to write and write and write. It's one of my hobbies. Oh and another thing, I've been into art right now. I've been drawing and painting so... you should watch out for my next blog posts because I'm going to show you my artworks.

I might share how I did with them, maybe? If possible. Please check out my blog for my next blog posts. I'm sure that my blog posts are worth the wait. It's important for me that I have my readers or co-bloggers who read my posts. 

I'm out for now. Excited for you guys to see my next blog posts! Bye :-)